How to Improve Your Bath with a Bamboo Bath Caddy

Ideas on how a bath caddy can improve your bath experience

Splish, splash you were taking a bath and after ten minutes you started getting a little bored. Does it seem there was just way more to do in the tub as a kid? You can have a similarly fun experience as an adult – you just need the right accessories. Your handy Deluxe Bamboo Bath Caddy features a built in soap holder, book support and a slide-in glass holder for stemware, so it holds everything you need while you sit back and relax. Simply place the caddy over your bathtub and it serves as a shelf for your favorite bath time activities. It’s even easy to make our own bubble bath with these simple DIY recipes.

To help you create a relaxing bath experience at home, we offer four bath caddies so everyone can enjoy a spa-quality experience in their own bathroom. To find out which ToiletTree Products bathtub caddy is for you, read our Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Caddy. All caddies come ready to use – no assembly required.

Here are some ideas on how a bath caddy can improve your bath experience:

Read a magazine or book

As you enjoy your soak, a bamboo bath caddy comfortably holds your reading material so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.

Relax and enjoy reading good book without worrying about it getting wet, with a bathtub caddy

Netflix and “Me” Time

Never enough time in a day? The bathtub is the perfect place to catch up on the latest Orange is the New Black or binge watch old shows like Hart of Dixie. Using a bathtub caddy makes it easy to view your tablet and avoid dropping it into the water.

Enjoy a hot, relaxing bath while watching favorite shows on your tablet, using a bathtub caddy

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