How Blew Razor Dryer Extends the Life of your Razor

BLEW - A Patented razor dryer by ToiletTree Products

Are you tired of your razor getting dull and rusty after a few uses? This may come as a surprise, but the repeated act of shaving is not what makes a razor dull. The short lifespan of your razor is caused by the combination of water and salt from your skin sitting on the steel blade. Water mixed with salt creates oxidation which causes corrosion and the blades to rust and chip, making them dull and potentially unsafe.

Meet Blew

Blew is a patented razor dryer that keeps your razor dry after every use. By preventing oxidation, Blew will increase the life of your razor for up to a year.

Blew Razor Dryer to keep razor blades dry after every use

How Blew Works

By rinsing the razor after each use and then placing it in Blew, you can effectively prevent razor-rusting oxidation. Blew dries your razor with a heated fan that extends the life of the blade. Additionally, during the drying process, a UV light will help to sanitize your razor. All of this is done with an automatic shut off feature that lets you drop in your razor and go on with the rest of your morning routine. 99% of all razors fit into BLEW.

Here are 5 things to know about Blew Razor Dryer

Blew saves you money.

Disposable razor costs add up! People spend anywhere from $100-$200 per year on razors! In some local pharmacies, razors are even locked in secure displays due to their high cost. Blew can extend the life of your razor for up to one year, which can lead to some serious savings.

Blew greatly reduces germs and bacteria.

The humid environment of bathroom makes it a breeding ground for E.coli, salmonella and other bacteria. Leaving your razor out in the shower or sitting on the countertop, creates a breeding ground for germs. Blew’s UV light helps to fight this harmful bacteria. It also keeps your razor protected from your bathroom environment.

Blew cuts down on environmental waste.

Did you know that over 2 billion razors end up in landfills every year? We can work to reduce this number by increasing the life of a razor.

Blew provides a home for your razor.

Your current razor probably lives on the edge of the sink, hangs from the caddy in your shower or sits on the ledge of your bathtub. Blew will give your razor a home and reduce countertop clutter.

Blew has been tested in an independent lab.

Researchers put Blew’s patented design to the test and confirmed it will completely dry your razor after each use and help extend your razor’s life.

Blew Razor Dryer to extend razor lifespan up to one year

Blew will change the way the world shaves while decreasing the amount of razor waste entering landfills. It will prolong the life of your razor, keep it nice and dry, and provide you with a smoother shave. It comes with a 100% ToiletTree Products Satisfaction Guarantee and is available on ToiletTree Products’ website and for $49.95.

Blew Razor Blade Dryer

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Light

Top Amazon customer reviews for nose hair trimmer

Are you tired of cheap, plastic nose hair trimmers with blades that painfully tug on hair? We were too! We created a heavy-duty Nose Hair Trimmer made with a high quality steel casing. We chose a rotary cutting system that allows hairs to enter from the top and the sides, making it easy to trim those crazy strays. We also added a light so you can see the finest of hairs and it’s water resistant for use in or out of the shower. This trimmer is quite the multi-tasker and can be used to trim eyebrows, beards, and ear hairs as well. Keep reading to find out what our customers have to say about our Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Light.

Multi-tasker nose hair trimmer with LED light

Our Nose Hair Trimmer has over 2,800 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers comment on the ease of use and that trimming is painless. Users appreciate the bright LED light and that it can be easily rinsed off after use. Many have also reported that their significant others are pleased with the results as well!

Customer for life

Terry W, Amazon customer review for nose hair trimmer

Did their homework, found a winner

What PennyPincher says about our nose hair trimmer

Tried the rest, found the best

Jason McGonicle highly recommended this LED nose trimmer

A trimmer fit for a werewolf

Nose hair trimmer and Goldry Bluzco review about it

Nose hair gone in 60 seconds

5 star rating nose hair trimmer at a very low price

Loves the LED light

Nose hair trimmer gets 5 star rating review by Tom Ahern

Our Steel Nose Hair Trimmer is an exceptional value for the price and backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. What’s not to love?

Do you have any questions about our LED Fogless Shower Mirror? Tweet to us @toilettreeprod.


Have a Professional Grooming with LED Lighted Nose Hair Trimmer

Professional Water Resistant LED Lighted Nose Hair Trimmer

How about having an LED light in your nose hair trimmer? Great!! ain’t it.
Try ToiletTree Products LED nose hair trimmer that would help you reach those hard to find hair. The heavy duty trimmer has a comfortable grip and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Available at discounted price of $17.95 with free delivery.


Bright LED light is a huge help when trying to find those hard to reach hairs.
Stainless steel high quality blades provide you with a clean smooth cut.
Water resistant design allows for you to use this trimmer in the shower and allows an easy rinse off.
Operates on 1 AA battery (not included).
Backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.