ToiletTree Products Fourth Annual Game Day Box Pool

Fourth Annual Game Day from ToiletTree Products

The Details

We are hosting our fourth annual box pool and the best part is it’s FREE to enter!

Do you love football? Enjoy Instagram and Twitter? Then our football pool is just for you. We’ve lined up some awesome prizes for the 4 quarterly winners.

Keep reading for the details to enter grab a free box in our game day box pool.

How it Works

(Time – Jan. 31 through Feb. 5)

Complete these 3 steps to receive a box in our pool:

  1. Follow @ToiletTreeProducts on Instagram or @ToiletTreeProd on Twitter.
  2. Take a photo and upload to Instagram to Twitter with the hashtag #TTPBoxPool
  3. Photo can be an image of one of the following:
    • A – Snap a shot of any ToiletTree Products that you own with #TTPBoxPool
    • B – Take a photo of anything football-related and tag #TTPBoxPool


1st Quarter: ANY 1 ToiletTree Product of your choice

Halftime: ANY 2 ToiletTree Product of your choice

3rd Quarter: ANY 1 ToiletTree Product of your choice

Final Score: ANY 2 ToiletTree Products of your choice and 1 for a friend or family member (3 total)

ToiletTree Products' 2017 Game Day Box Pool Contest

The Box Pool

There are a total of 100 boxes available. Each box will be associated with 2 numbers, both ranging from 0 to 9. One number corresponds to the Falcons point total, and the other number corresponds to the Patriots point total. At the end of each quarter, the box that contains the 2nd digit of EACH team’s score wins the prize! (If a team’s score at the end of a quarter is between 0 and 9, then that number will be the winning number for that team).

For example, if the Falcons are winning 17-14 at the half, box 7-Falcons and 4-Patriots will win. And if the Patriots are up 10 – 3 after 1 quarter, box 0 – Patriots and 3 – Falcons wins. Each person who signs up will receive 1 box.

*There are only 100 boxes available. The first 100 people to share a photo publicly (we can’t see your post if your account is private!) to sign up will be assigned a box. You may enter once a day. Can only enter via Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #TTPBoxPool. Contest is limited to US and Canadian residents only.*

NOTE: Official box numbers will be shared on our website and social media sites before kick-off.

Participate in Annual Game Day with Twitter and Instagram contests and win prizes



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