9 Ways to Kickstart a More Productive New Year

9 tips to kickstart a more productive new year

A new year brings promises of a fresh start and a clean slate. Often, we find ourselves resolving to do things better or differently than the year prior. Sadly, most resolutions fall by the wayside after a few weeks and we revert to our old habits.

Instead of focusing on weight loss or bad habits you want to eliminate, try to focus on what you can “gain” in the New Year. Set a few specific goals that you want to achieve and focus on the positive, rather than the negative. What are some things you have been wanting more of in your life? It could be finding more time for yourself, spending more time with your friends and family, traveling more, becoming more organized and decreasing clutter, or simply taking better care of yourself.

Working towards small, achievable goals can help you get more of the things you want in your life. As you reach your milestones, be sure enjoy what you have accomplished.

We’ve picked some common goals with suggestions on how to reach them in 2017.

Travel more

With some planning, saving, and research you can make travel a reachable goal

It’s tempting to want to see more of the world beyond your neighborhood. Traveling can be stressful – and expensive – but with a little effort you can visit somewhere new.

  • Look at your bucket list and do some research on which destination would be feasible for you to visit this year.
  • With some planning, saving, and research you can make travel a reachable goal for yourself.
  • Buy airline tickets early to get the best deals on airfare.
  • Make your credit card points work for you. Cash in those points for hotels or airfare.
  • We recommend taking along your well stocked Toiletry Bag with Sonic Toothbrush to make your travels as comfortable as possible. This roomy toiletry bag also comes with 3 TSA approved travel sized bottles for body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. It’s water resistant and has an additional zippered compartment to hold accessories.

Get in better shape

This Digital Glass Bathroom Scale can help you monitor your fitness progress

Getting in shape and losing weight are popular goals for a reason. Decide how you will measure success. Is it losing 10 pounds, increasing muscle, or fitting into a pair of snug jeans?

  • If you have a lot of weight to lose, break it down into smaller increments, so it doesn’t seem impossible. E. 6 pounds in January, 4 pounds in February instead of 10 pounds all at once.
  • Remember that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% activity level. Don’t forget to complement a healthy diet with regular exercise.
  • Start workouts slowly and build time and intensity as it becomes easier.
  • Focus on portion control, savoring each bite, and eating healthier meals. Our new Digital Glass Bathroom Scale can help you monitor your fitness progress. It’s simple to use and sports a stylish, sleek design. The precision sensors accurately weigh up to 400 lbs and the extra-large, backlit LCD display is easy to view.

Make more “me time”

Make more “me time” taking bath using our Deluxe Bamboo Bath Caddy

While you can’t actually add more minutes into a day, you can make yourself a priority on your to-do list. Even as little as 15 minutes of “me time” can let you unwind and recharge your batteries.

  • Find hidden time. Do you waste time checking emails too often or looking at social media?
  • Say no more often, especially to things you don’t enjoy or just prefer not to do.
  • Commit to at least 15 minutes of time for yourself each day.
  • Decide how to spend your time beforehand. Completing other tasks doesn’t count.
  • Create little rituals in your day to make it feel more calming. An indulgent bath, a mini facial, or getting up earlier to read can be fun ways to sneak in a little “me time”. Our Deluxe Bamboo Bath Caddy makes a bath more indulgent. The caddy holds all of your favorite bath time essentials, includes a beverage holder, and it has an adjustable bar to secure reading materials.

Become more organized

Bamboo Stainless Over the Door Hooks help your home becoming more organize

Getting your home decluttered and organized creates a feeling of calmness. It’s also a timesaver as you will no longer be running around searching for your favorite shirt, phone, or keys. Having a place for everything will reduce stress and increase productivity.

  • Break your task down into chunks. Tackle one room or one corner of a room at a time.
  • Eliminate what you don’t need or want. If it’s broken or a duplicate, get rid of it or donate it to a charity.
  • Sort by category rather than tossing everything into one big pile.
  • Organize your categories and think about where to store them. Do you need additional shelf space? Our Bamboo Freestanding Organizing Shelves give you extra storage space without taking up a lot of real estate. When you just need a place to hang a few items, our Bamboo Stainless Over the Door Hooks come in handy.
  • Be consistent. Put your items in the same place every day, wash your dishes after you eat, and shred junk mail after opening it.

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