Buyer’s Guide: Which Oral Care Product is Right for You?

A complete buyer's guide of oral care products to help you determine which one is best for you

Proper oral hygiene helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath, plus it keeps your teeth whiter and brighter. Did you know that regular oral care can also help prevent more serious medical disorders? Gum disease has been shown to lead to heart attacks, strokes, cancers, and respiratory diseases.

Major dental problems are caused by a chain reaction that starts with poor dental hygiene. In your mouth, bacteria feed on sugar and starchy carbs to form dental plaque, a sticky, colorless film. Plaque can cause tooth decay and other serious health problems. When gum disease is present, other bacteria can form, leading to gum deterioration and bone loss.

You can prevent these problems by implementing proper dental hygiene practices. It’s essential to brush your teeth twice a day and floss every night. If flossing isn’t your thing, using an oral irrigator will help remove particles from in-between teeth and below the gumline, where your toothbrush and string floss cannot reach. Keep in mind that oral care should start very early in a child’s life and regular trips to the dentist are an important part overall dental care.

We have put together a complete guide of our oral care products to help you determine which ones are best for you and your family.


Poseidon sonic toothbrush with 3 color coded brush headsPoseidon Sonic Toothbrush

What it does:  With 3 brushing modes for varying oral care needs; clean, soft and massage, and 31,000 pulses per minute, this electric sonic toothbrush will leave your mouth cleaner than ever before.

Price: $49.95

Who should use it: Anyone looking to step up their dental habits. The sonic toothbrush includes 3 color coded brush heads for one user or multiple users – just swap out the head!

3 things to know:

  1. The inductive charging cradle allows you to drop the toothbrush in the stand and it will always be charged and ready to use. (One full charge will last months!)
  2. There’s a dentist recommended 2-minute auto-shut off timer with a 30-second interval vibration that reminds you to move to the next area of your mouth.
  3. It features a low noise design and runs on Lithium Ion batteries.



Poseidon Children’s Sonic LED Toothbrush

Poseidon children’s sonic LED toothbrush available in blue or pink colorWhat it does: This kid’s toothbrush is available in blue or pink with a brush head that lights up with a rainbow of bright LED colors throughout the brushing cycle.

Price: $17.95

Who should use it: Children who need a little encouragement to brush their teeth. The color-changing toothbrush helps them look forward to brushing their teeth.

3 things to know:

  1. This brush is powerful, yet gentle for little ones with 16,000 sonic pulses per minute.
  2. It has a 2-minute auto-timer as recommended by dentists.
  3. Comes in your child’s choice of pink or blue and the battery is included.



13 Clean Toothbrush Kit

13 Clean toothbrush kit with 1 handle,13 brush heads and a pyramid standWhat it does: 13 Clean is a manual toothbrush that comes with 1 handle,13 brush heads and a pyramid stand. There’s a brush head for each month of the year plus a starter head to get you to the first day of the new month. You’ll never have to wonder when was the last time you replaced your toothbrush.

Price: $14.95

Who should use it: Anyone who prefers to clean their teeth with a manual toothbrush.

3 things to know:

  1. The toothbrush comes in your choice of pink or blue.
  2. Each set includes 1 toothbrush handle, 13 heads, 1 head cover and 1 toothbrush stand.
  3. It’s manufactured with Dupont bristles that are between a soft to medium firmness.



Small and compact travel sonic toothbrushTravel Sonic Toothbrush

What it does:  Small and compact for travel, this sonic toothbrush provides a powerful cleaning with 18,000 sonic pulses per minute.

Price: $12.95

Who should use it: Travelers and anyone who would like to brush their teeth at work or while on the go.

3 things to know:

  1. Small but powerful, the travel sonic toothbrush easily fits in any toiletry bag or handbag.
  2. It runs on 1 AAA battery.
  3. The waterproof design makes for easy clean up.




Poseidon Inductive Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Rechargeable oral irrigator to clean out bacteria and debris

What it does:  This oral irrigator features 3 operating modes, normal, soft, and pulse. It sends a pulsed stream of water in-between teeth and below the gumline to clean out bacteria and debris. It sits on a charging stand so it is ready to use when you need it.

Price: $49.95

Who should use it: Anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their irrigator losing power due to low battery levels. Bonus: A single charge will last months, so it’s easy to take on the road.

3 things to know:

  1. The inductive charging cradle keeps your irrigator powered and ready to use. (One full charge will last months!)
  2. There are 3 operating modes; normal, soft, and pulse, for user comfort.
  3. The unit is both BPA free and FDA approved for your peace of mind.



Poseidon Professional Countertop Oral Irrigator

Countertop oral irrigator with rotating multi-functional handleWhat it does:  The larger capacity tank and rotating multi-functional handle means more water, more power and more control for an effective and easy alternative to traditional flossing.

Price: $49.95

Who should use it: Ideal for multiple users who want healthier and cleaner mouths.

3 things to know:

  1. The handle magnetically attaches to unit, rotates 360 degrees, has a tip release button, and an on/off button.
  2. There are 10 water pressure settings – 0 to 90 PSI and 1,400 pulses per minute.
  3. The lid contains a nozzle case that stores the 4 tips that are included with your unit.

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Decluttering 101 – 25 Things to Throw out Right Now

25 Things to throw out right now for decluttering your home

Getting rid of clutter can free up extra space in your home and leave you feeling in control of your surroundings. According to Psychology Today, clutter leads to stress. The best way to bust your stress and get organized is to start with things that you aren’t going to miss. When you get rid of non-essential items, you make room for the things that are important to you.

Here are 25 items to toss along with some simple ways to organize what you’re keeping.

Excess coffee mugs

Are coffee mugs taking over your cabinets? Throw away mismatched, chipped, or badly stained coffee mugs. Still have too many? Select your favorites and donate the rest to a rummage sale.

Throw away mismatched, chipped, or badly stained coffee mugs

Extra plastic containers (AKA Tupperware)

Some food storage containers are fine but do you use that pizza slice shape piece of Tupperware? Keep what you need and have room for, then recycle the rest of them.

Multiple vases

Keep the vases that you love and use. Toss the single rose bud vases and the cheap glass vases that came with last year’s flower delivery.

Toss old and cheap glass vases

Paper receipts

Paper clutter is pervasive. Scan the receipts that you want to keep or need for tax purposes. Then shred the originals to cut down on paper laying around the house.

Old editions of magazinesGet organized your bathroom collection with this toilet paper and magazine rack

Do you have a stack of magazines taking up valuable space in your living room? Rip out the articles you want to keep and recycle the rest of the magazine. Consider donating the magazines you’ve read to schools, hospital waiting areas, and nursing homes. Keep your bathroom magazine collection under control with our Toilet Paper Caddy, Dispenser, and Magazine Rack. Not only will your magazines stay organized, you have an extra roll of toilet paper at the ready for when you need it.

Junk mail

Stop tossing your mail on the dining room table. Sort out what’s important, file what you need to keep, and recycle the junk mail as soon as you open it.

Seldom used beauty productsBamboo organizing shelves are ideal to maximize your bathroom storage space

Do you have old or unused hair styling products, lotions, or bath products that you just didn’t love? Throw them out and free up space under your sink. Do you still need a little more room to organize your remaining items? Our Bamboo Freestanding Organizing Shelves are a stylish way to maximize storage space without taking up too much floor space in your bathroom.

Old or broken electronics

Old cell phones can be donated to women’s shelters; power cords, keyboards, and other miscellaneous items can be disposed of. Check to see if your area recycles old electronics before tossing them into the trash.

Clothes you don’t wear

Donate or sell clothing that you haven’t worn in the last two years. Anything stained or torn can be disposed of or used for rags.

 Donate clothes that you have not worn in the last two years

Cracked or peeling beltsGet organized your belts robes, and scarves with this stainless steel wall hooks

Don’t you hate it when the leather cracks on your belt? If you’re not going to replace it soon, throw it out. Keep your remaining belts organized with our Bamboo Stainless Over the Door Hooks. They’re also great for holding robes, scarves, and shoulder bags.

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How to Protect Your Gym Bag from Bacteria

7 simple tips to protect gym bags from bacteria

When’s the last time you washed your gym bag? If you can’t remember or the bag is starting to smell, it’s probably time to clean it out. Any odor is an indicator that bacteria are living and multiplying in your bag. Gyms are full of bacteria and fungus, all of that can end up in or on your exercise gear. These bacteria can make you ill with a cold or the flu as well as cause a host of problems, including rashes and staph infections. It’s relatively simple to protect yourself from unwanted bacteria and subsequent illnesses. A few simple life hacks and your bag will be germ-free in no time.

Tips to Protect Your Gym Bag and Exercise Gear from Bacteria

Never toss wet clothes directly into the bag

Whether your clothes are sweaty or wet from the pool throw them, headbands and hair ties into a plastic bag. This will protect the inside of your gym bag and the other items in your gym bag from the damp items. Plastic bags are also less likely to breed germs than leather and fabric. Simply reuse the bags you receive from grocery stores; there’s no need to spend any money on additional bags.

Keep your shoes separated from everything else

If your gym bag doesn’t have a separate compartment for sweaty shoes, put them in a plastic bag. Athletic shoes have bacteria both on the outside and on the inside! Contain them and consider using sneaker balls or fill socks with baking soda and place in shoes to absorb moisture and odors. Flip flops should also be cleaned off or tossed in a plastic bag. You wear them through the sauna, locker room, and shower to protect your feet – don’t transfer those germs to your gym bag and its contents.

Always clean your yoga mat

Bringing your own mat to classes can be a smart move but you need to clean that mat off after using it. Wipe off both sides (hello, dirty gym floors) with a disinfecting wipe or spray before bringing it home. In an interview with ELLE, Dr. Robert Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers School of Medicine, said “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for many of our skin infections. The yoga mat is a very fertile source for infection, mainly because people sweat on them and they rarely are cleaned.”

Clean yoga mats should be most essential

Keep your toiletries protected

 Keep your toiletry separate with toiletry bag with 3 TSA bottlesDon’t let your shampoo, razor, hair brush, and other toiletries slide around in your gym bag, exposing them to potential germs. Our Toiletry Bag with 3 TSA Bottles is perfect for storing your gym toiletry necessities. The convenient hanging hook means it’s easy to have the kit handy without having to put your items down on the shower floor. The three bottles are individually marked as Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash making it easy to bring your favorite products along. Zippered pockets keep you organized without having to rummage around looking for your deodorant or body spray.

Use ToiletTree Products travel kit to keep toiletries protectedNeed a bigger toiletries case? Check out our Toiletry Bag with Sonic Travel Toothbrush. This heavy-duty bag is water resistant and has two roomy zippered compartments. It also comes with 3 TSA approved travel bottles. It’s perfect to take to the gym and will organize everything you need to get ready for work.

Empty out your bag after each trip

We know you may be running to work or just plain tired after your workout Always empty your gym bag in airy laundry hamperbut don’t neglect your bag. Wet clothes, towels, and shoes should be removed as soon as possible. Failure to do so could leave you with a case of mold inside your bag and on your clothes.

Pro Tip: Let damp gym clothes air out prior to tossing them into your hamper. Our Bamboo Laundry Hamper comes with two compartments so you can keep your workout clothes separate from the rest of your laundry. The bamboo slats let air circulate through its contents and the natural cotton liner doubles as a laundry bag.

Throw out snacks and clean water bottles

Leaving fruit, wrappers, or crumbs in your bag is asking for trouble; remove snacks, toss wrappers, and shake out crumbs. A reusable water bottle is eco-friendly but you need to wash that off quickly. Sweat from your hands, placing it down on gym surfaces and sports drinks can leave that bottle pretty dirty. Clean straws or pull-up tops with a small bottle washer brush and hot soapy water to prevent fungus from forming inside them.

Wash your bag often

Once a week wash your gym bag or wipe it down regularly with antibacterial wipes. Plopping it down on the gym floor or bench can transfer a lot of germs, including coliform bacteria to the exterior of the bag. You don’t want to bring that into your home and inadvertently place it on your furniture.

Since germs can last from mere minutes or several months, depending on the type of virus, it’s smart to take precautions. Certain viruses, like the norovirus, are highly contagious and live on surfaces for up to 5 months.

Read on a few other precautions to stay germ-free at the gym.