How to Pack Toiletries and Establish a Permanent Toiletry Kit

8 Tips to establish a permanent toiletry kit for travel
Take some of the stress out of packing by creating a permanent toiletries kit. You most likely take the same toiletries with you each time you travel so why not organize your bag ahead of time. It will eliminate that last minute frenzied feeling the evening before departure as you toss your closet looking for that small tube of toothpaste. A well-stocked toiletry bag will have all of the essentials that you prefer to travel with, whether you are a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to products. There are so many last minute details that you need to see to before a trip; a grab and go bag means one less thing you will have to worry about packing.

Here are some tips on creating your perfect toiletry kit.

  1. Make a list of “must-have” toiletries.
    What are your must have toiletries and tools? Thinking about your daily routine will help you figure out what items you regularly use and what works best for you. Need some ideas? Check out our Printable Travel Checklist.
  2. Check off items you already have extras of.
    Did the dentist give you an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss? Stash them in your toiletry bag. Do you have an extra pair of tweezers or a razor? Add that to your bag as well. There is no sense in purchasing what you already have on hand.
  3. Buy the items you need and can leave in your toiletry bag.
    Some items you can buy doubles of such as floss, travel size deodorant, razor, and a toothbrush. These are items you’ll need to replace eventually anyway.Stock up on trial sized items. If you aren’t particular about your brand of shampoo or conditioner, use the items the hotel provides. Otherwise fill reusable 3oz bottles with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. For your convenience both of our toiletry bags come with labeled TSA approved bottles.
    Toiletry bag with TSA approved bottles 
    Pack double duty products. Products such as moisturizer with sunscreen, shampoo that double as body wash or a thick hair conditioner that doubles as shaving cream can save you luggage and hotel bathroom counter space.Avoid packing items you haven’t tried out previously. Having an allergic from your face lotion is a sure way to put a damper on your trip. Test items prior to packing them to avoid inconveniences and to be sure you actually like the product.
  4. Consider travel sized versions of must have grooming tools.
    Do you use your Sonic Toothbrush daily? Check out our Travel Sonic Toothbrush, with 18,000 sonic pulses per minute you get the same powerful blast as a large size sonic toothbrush. The small size ensures it will not take up a lot of room in your bag. Perhaps you rely on your Fogless Shower Mirror. Our Fogless Travel Mirror has the same fog-free guarantee as our bestselling fogless mirror. Suction cups allow you to detach it and take it anywhere.
  5. Purchase backups of necessary electronics.
    It can be worth it to stock up on a second set of chargers for your phone, tablet, etc. as well as a battery charger and a small flashlight. Having them ready in your Toiletry Bag means you will never have to scramble to borrow a charger. The flashlight comes in handy in both emergencies and when you are awake in the middle of the night but don’t want to wake your travel partner.
  6. Decide what sized toiletry bag you need.
    Based on the items you have gathered will you need a large sized toiletry bag or will a smaller bag be more appropriate. ToiletTree Products offers a larger sized, black Toiletry Bag with Sonic Toothbrush that comes with a powerful travel toothbrush and three 3oz TSA approved travel bottles. It has plenty of room for a variety of lotions, potions, and our Travel Shower Mirror. Our smaller, blue nylon Toiletry Bag with 3 TSA Bottles has 2 zippered compartments to hold travel necessities as well as a built-in hook for hanging on the bathroom door or shower rod.
    Deluxe toiletry bags for travel
  7. Pack your toiletry bag.
    Now that you have decided on your items and your bag it’s ready to pack. We have tips below on how to pack your bag below.
    Tips on how to pack your toiletry bag
  8. Check inventory and restock after travel.
    Don’t just put your bag back on the storage shelf. Replace any toiletries that you used up or are low on. Do you need a new disposable razor? Be sure to replace that right away and your bag will be ready to go for your next adventure.

Pro Tip:Keep a 3 x 5 index card in your bag so when you are on the road you can jot down items that you need to replace when you return home.

8 Tips to pack your perfect toiletry kit

5 Tips for Packing Your Toiletries Hassle-Free

  1. Go minimal with your makeup and jewelry by taking only what you know you will be using. It’s unlikely you will actually need 4 different necklaces or use 3 sets of eyeshadow or lipsticks. Pare down on other “extra” products when possible; you really only need one type of soap and one body lotion for a short trip. Do you need the mouthwash or can you skip it for a few days?
  2. All liquids must fit in 3.4oz travel bottles and they, along with aerosols and gels, must fit into one quart sized clear baggie. Packing this baggie in your toiletry bag is a great way to ensure liquids do not leak out onto your clothing or other items. Put the bag in an accessible section of your carry-on, an outer pocket is ideal.
  3. Worried about bottles leaking? Make sure you close the cap tightly on liquids and choose solid products when possible. Shampoo bars, soap, solid perfume, and a solid lotion stick are all options to think about.
  4. A compartmentalized bag makes it easier to find items quickly. Who wants to dig around at night for that toothbrush and toothpaste? Items such as tweezers and your Travel Sonic Toothbrush fit nicely into the zippered pockets of our Toiletry Bag with 3 TSA Bottles.
  5. Place larger, sturdier items at the bottom of your bag and your products arrange accordingly. Save your liquids for last and place them at the very top. You don’t want to hold up the security line hunting through your belongings to get at your toiletries.

Pro Tip: Having a ready to go toiletry bag saves you both packing time and luggage space.

With some planning, it’s easy to have your favorite items with you when you travel. You’ll have the items that you actually want, need, and use rather than random items tossed in at the last minute. Avoid the frustration of arriving at your destination without your most important toiletries, once and for all. Two great options for your “permanent” toiletry kit are our Toiletry Bag with Sonic Toothbrush and our Toiletry Bag with 3 TSA Bottles. They also make great holiday gifts for the frequent flyer or road warrior in your life.
Deluxe toiletry bags holiday gift idea for traveler

Do you have a favorite toiletry packing tip? Tweet it to us @ToiletTreeProd.



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