New Poseidon Sonic Children’s Toothbrush with LED Lights

Sonic toothbrush for kidsToiletTree Products, are pleased to introduce a brand new addition to their Poseidon oral care line, the Sonic Children’s Toothbrush. Recommended for children age 8 and older, this unique, light-up toothbrush will make brushing more fun for children. Powered by a single AAA battery, this high quality brush is made with soft DuPont bristles, making it perfect for sensitive little teeth and gums.

This small, yet powerful, brush features 16,000 pulses per minute, an important feature that will help kids to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Along with the strong pulsation, the LED lights constantly change colors as a child brushes, keeping kids entertained and happy.

Since the National Health Service recommends that children brush their teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day, this is the ideal brush for kids. Parents will be glad to know that there’s an automatic turn-off feature after two minutes, ensuring that their children meet the recommended brushing time. Additionally, the automatic shut-off conserves battery power, allowing for longer periods between battery changes.

“We wanted to create a brush that would help kids look forward to brushing their teeth,” says co-owner, Paul Parisi. “We knew the LED light feature would appeal to children. However, it’s the high quality, soft DuPont bristles, and powerful pulsations that make this the best option for children’s dental care.”

The Sonic Children’s Toothbrush is available for $17.95 on, Amazon and other major online retailers.