Spring Cleaning Checklist For Bathrooms – Printable

Spring cleaning checklist for bathrooms by ToiletTree Products

When is the last time you gave your bathroom a deep clean? It could probably use a little TLC and a nice spring cleaning to eliminate germs and bacteria. Bathrooms get dirty easily, so a vigorous scrubbing is necessary at least twice a year.

Does the thought of polishing your toilet make you want to run away? Here’s a pro cleaning tip: set a 2-hour timer and fit in as much as you can. When you finish, reward yourself with your favorite treat or take a bubble bath in your sparkling bathtub!

Gather your cleaning tools, pump up the music on your STORMp3 and just get it done!

Use our checklist to ensure your bathroom gets its best cleaning in years.

Printable Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist:

*If you click the image, it will print size on a normal piece of computer paper*

Printable professional cleaning checklist for bathrooms

Source: https://toilettreeproducts.com/printable-bathroom-cleaning-checklist/


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