11 Easy DIY Hair Masks

Top 11 DIY hair treatment masks

DIY hair masks are totally trending right now and are easy to make at home. Ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen will restore shine and luster, add body, reduce dryness and leave your hair looking fantastic. By making your own hair mask, you’ll save money and reduce the risk of exposure to harmful additives often found in hair care treatments. Not sure how to make one? We surfed the web and put together some of our favorite do-it-yourself recipes, most only take a few minutes to make!

Here are simple homemade DIY Hair Masks:

Overnight Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair

Natural Hair Serum – For Strength, Length and Body

Banana, Honey, Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Whipped Avocado, Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Argan & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Moisturizing Hair Treatment Mask

Strawberry Deep Conditioning Mask

Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Deep Hair Conditioner

Do you have a great recipe for a DIY Hair Mask? Please share with us @toilettreeprod.

Source: https://toilettreeproducts.com/diy-hair-mask-treatments/


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