The 8 Most Common Face Washing Mistakes and How to Correct them

8 Most common face washing mistakes and how to correct them

Dermatologists recommend washing your face twice a day. That’s 730 times a year. Are you doing it correctly? It may seem like a no-brainer however, there are certain techniques that will leave you with healthier skin. With the right methods, you can even help prevent premature sagging and wrinkles. We’ve compiled eight of the most common face washing mistakes and provided solutions on how to correct them.

Professional facial cleansing systemApplying cleanser incorrectly

It seems easy enough, wet your face, apply the cleanser and rinse it off. However, the cleanser needs to be worked properly into your skin to break down dirt and makeup. Use your fingertips to massage the cleanser in small, gentle circular motions. For the best results, we recommend cleansing with our Facial Brush Skin Cleansing System.

Waiting to moisturize

Don’t wait for your face to dry before you apply moisturizer. Moisture is locked in when lotions and creams are applied to damp skin.

Facial brush by ToiletTree ProductsAggressive exfoliation

Scrubbing off makeup with a rough washcloth or abrasive scrub can cause microscopic tears on delicate facial skin. Use a microfiber facial cloth or our Facial Brush to exfoliate without damaging your skin. Over exfoliation can dry out skin, so use a facial brush three times a week, maximum.

Extreme water temperature

Always use lukewarm water when cleansing. Your pores are not “opened” by hot water nor are they “closed” by cold water.

LED fogless shower mirrorNot removing cleanser properly

Does it take you less than 60 seconds to wash your face? Spending a little more time correctly rinsing away cleanser will prevent product buildup and clogged pores. If you cleanse in the shower, our LED Fogless Shower Mirror will make sure all of the product is rinsed away.

Rubbing your face dry instead of patting it down

Gently pat your face dry rather than rubbing it. The towel may feel fluffy but it can actually irritate your skin, so resist the urge to rub your face dry.

Replacement heads for professional cleansing systemWashing your face with dirty hands

Wash your hands before you wash your face! Otherwise, you are spreading dirt and bacteria around that could even make you sick. The same applies when using our facial brush, clean it after each use and replace the heads when they wear down.

Using wipes instead of washing

After a long, tiring day, wipes seem like an easy way to cleanse your face. In reality, the wipes are smearing oil, makeup and dirt around your face and into your pores. Use them in a pinch or a wipe down after the gym, but not as your go-to for cleansing.

With a few simple tweaks, your skin will go from red and irritated to glowing and radiant! Share your top face washing tips with us on Twitter @ToiletTreeProd.



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