Why We Love Our Four New Trimmers (And You Should, Too!)

Top four new trimmers that you need to know about

Get your stray hairs under control. Our newest trimmers will help you conquer unwanted hairs in your nose, ears, neck, head and sideburns – with style.

Sideburns say a lot about a man’s sense of style and personality. There are many types of sideburns – full and bushy, short and sleek, long and tight; however, out of control and messy is not an option!

Salon appointments can be pricey and time consuming. Keep your hair and neck neat in the comfort of your own home by using a quality hair trimmer.

Which new trimmer is right for you?

Sleek Design Nose Hair Trimmer

The high quality steel casing on our nose hair trimmer is as sleek as the name suggests. Beyond the stylish design, is a superior trimmer that gets the job done. Its precision cutting tip has stainless steel blades that don’t tug or pull. The blades provide a smooth even cut while the bright LED light helps you see the finest of hairs. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.

Nose Hair Trimmer with Precision Cutting Tip

The stainless steel blades on this efficient trimmer will keep your nose looking clean and neat. The precision cutting tip is a pain free way to trim unwanted hair. Ergonomically designed, the soft rubber grip is pleasant to hold and easy to use. It runs on one AA battery.

Deluxe Rechargeable Nose Hair and Sideburns Trimmer

This is the Rolls Royce of hair trimmers. The soft rubber grip has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to maneuver. It comes with two heads – one for trimming your sideburns and another for trimming nose and ear hairs. Like all of our trimmers, there is no painful tugging, just a smooth clean cut. No need for batteries; just charge up for a month of trimming power!

Deluxe Rechargeable Hair, Body, Mustache, and Beard Trimmer

This cordless trimmer keeps you looking sharp from head to toe. Groom your hair, beard and body with our precision trimmer and four interchangeable comb heads. It features stainless steel blades, rechargeable batteries and an ergonomic design for maximum quality and comfort.

Here’s the rest of our trimmer lineup:

Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Light

Our water resistant trimmer is made of heavy duty steel and features an LED light.

Face, Nose, and Body Hair Trimmer

This compact design has a powerful blade that removes unwanted body hair.

Body hair trimmers

Nose hair trimmers

Take your pick. All of our trimmers get the job done and will take your grooming to the next level! If you have any questions, please tweet to us @toilettreeprod.

Source: https://toilettreeproducts.com/four-best-new-trimmers-you-should-have/


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